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Hi! Welcome to LizetteInvita website, or “Lizette Invites You”, a lively talk show, video podcast, and cooking reality series, where I cook traditional Latin inspired meals representing a mélange of Spanish, Portuguese, African, and indigenous influences. I explore diverse topics, related to food, how Latinos eat or how food can impact their lives, in a relaxed and comfortable environment conducive to guests sharing about the more personal moments of their lives.

Guests range from Latino Artists, cultural bearers, and personalities. When COVID becomes history, I will again sit with my guest to share a meal!

I’m the creator, host, and editor of LizetteInvita. I live in North Carolina, are involved with the Latino community,  am a Spanish Language media veteran, having worked in print media as well as in front of and behind the camera. I am a gourmet cook and often hosts dinner parties for friends and guests. I was born in the U.S., and infuse my Dominican and Puerto Rican roots into my cooking. I hope you enjoy my page!

¡Hola! Soy una cocinera gourmet y me gusta entretener invitados en casa. Con Lizette Invita, un programa en línea, estoy combinando estas dos pasiones -cocinar para mis invitados y entrevistarlos mientras comemos.

El blog comienza después de que las cámaras de televisión se apagan. Compartiré con ustedes las recetas que más le han gustado de mis invitados al igual que tomas y anécdotas de las entrevistas. ¡Espero que lo Disfruten!


I love spending time with people, every guest is different and we share different recipes, check for more.


You are going to love this! check them up and enjoy them at home.

Last Recipes and Conversations

Food for Art: Georges Le Chevallier

I speak with internationally renowned artist and educator, Georges Le Chevallier. He will take us through his art and explains how he uses Shubui

Plantain soup with plantain dumplings

Plantain Soup with Plantain Dumplings or Sopa de Plátanos con Bollitos de Plátanos is one of my favorite soups for lunch especially because it is light and nutritious.

Dark Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Scones

Yes, these are an indulgence but right now, personally, I need an indulgence. I need something that makes me feel good. I’ll just have to work out a bit harder today.

ensalada de aguacate y garbanzo con vinagreta de comino

Entre el 14 y 20 de mayo se celebra la Semana de la Salud de la mujer . Para celebrar la semana de la salud de todas las mujeres,