quipes (kipes)-Dominican deep fried bulgur fritters

In the 19th century, the Dominican Republic had an influx of Lebanese, Turkish and Middle Eastern immigrants. With their arrival, came many dishes that now are considered to be part of Dominican cuisine. Among those is the Quipe (Kibbeh in Lebanese).


bread pudding (Dominican “Southern” version)

I remember, as an adolescent, helping my mom in the kitchen to make “Pudin de Pan” or Bread Pudding for the Christmas Eve Dinner.  In most Caribbean, Latin American, Spanish homes as well as other nations that were colonized by the Spanish, Christmas Eve or “Noche Buena” consist of a traditional family dinner. Although every … Continue reading bread pudding (Dominican “Southern” version)

chicken noodle soup

All this week I have been feeling lethargic. I don’t know if it’s the endless days of rainy  and cloudy weather or the seasonal allergies taking hold. On top of that, one of my boys has a sinus infection. So last night I was thinking a good Chicken Noodle Soup may just relieve all our ailments. … Continue reading chicken noodle soup

locrio de longaniza (Rep. Dominicana)

El otro día me visito, Jorge Miranda y cocinamos Locrio de Longaniza Dominicana. Locrio es una adaptación dominicana de la paella. Consiste en arroz sazonado con una carne como carne de cerdo, pollo, pescado, conejo, salchicha o embutido. Pero nunca con carne de res. La salchicha dominicana hecha con carne de cerdo/puerco es llamada Longaniza … Continue reading locrio de longaniza (Rep. Dominicana)

Dominican pork sausage and rice (locrio de longaniza)

Locrio is a Dominican adaptation of the Spanish paella. It consists of seasoned rice with a meat such as pork, chicken, fish, rabbit, or sausage. Never beef. Dominican pork sausage is called Longaniza and it originated in Spain. In short, locrio de longaniza is basically Pork Sausage and Rice. I like that you can eat … Continue reading Dominican pork sausage and rice (locrio de longaniza)

sazon (sofrito) seasoning

One of my most pronounced memories as a young girl is that of assisting my mother in the kitchen, every week, in chopping the vegetables necessary to make fresh sazon. In the Dominican Republic it is called sazon, in Puerto Rico recaito, and in Cuba sofrito and every family has its own variation of this condiment. However, … Continue reading sazon (sofrito) seasoning