bread pudding (Dominican “Southern” version)

I remember, as an adolescent, helping my mom in the kitchen to make “Pudin de Pan” or Bread Pudding for the Christmas Eve Dinner.  In most Caribbean, Latin American, Spanish homes as well as other nations that were colonized by the Spanish, Christmas Eve or “Noche Buena” consist of a traditional family dinner. Although every … Continue reading bread pudding (Dominican “Southern” version)


strawberry shortcake

After the family visit this past weekend, we had soooo much food and fruits left over.  We had an overabundance of strawberries in particular. So I’m putting all those berries to good use making one of my favorite desserts during strawberries season - Strawberry Shortcake. This is a perfect brunch or after dinner dessert or, … Continue reading strawberry shortcake

sweet cream of beans (Dom. Rep.)

One of my favorite dessert growing up was habichuelas con dulce. Although it almost sounds like a contradiction, this creamy bean dessert is heavenly, and for some it can be an acquired taste. I think this is the most Dominican recipe you will ever find because I don’t believe ever seeing or hearing of another … Continue reading sweet cream of beans (Dom. Rep.)