Chickpea and Chorizo Salad

Chickpea and Chorizo, is a very popular tapas from Spain and it's one of my favorites chickpea recipes.


tortilla española By far, the Tortilla Española is the most popular tapas in Spain. The beauty of this dish is in its simplicity but at the same time it is profoundly delicious.  This is the classic Tortilla Española recipe, only using three uncomplicated ingredients; eggs, potatoes, and onion cooked in olive oil. The trick to a … Continue reading tortilla española

Venezuelan Pabellón Criollo-Shredded Beef

In Venezuela, at any major family gathering or for the Holidays, the traditional dish served –aside from the Arepas of course - is the Pabellón Criollo. The Pabellón Criollo consist of white rice, caraotas (black beans) amarillos also known as maduros (sweet plantains) and the star is the shredded or pulled steak know in Spanish as Carne Mechada.

pastelón de papas – potatoes and beef casserole

My friend Gabriel Magraner from NALAC (Nat. Assoc. of Latino Arts & Culture) visited the area to prepare for the NALAC Regional Training that is taking place in Charlotte from June 2 to the 3rd. Since Gabriel is of Puerto Rican descent, I wanted to make him something very popular in the Caribbean, Pastelón de … Continue reading pastelón de papas – potatoes and beef casserole

avocado & garbanzo salad with cumin vinaigrette

Woman's Heath week is celebrated between May 14th and 20th. To celebrate Women's Health Week, I invited Rocio Anderson from the March of Dimes to the show. We made a Avocado and Garbanzo Salad with a Cumin and Orange Juice Vinaigrette that was deliciously healthy. This salad is packed with folic acid from the oranges, garbanzos … Continue reading avocado & garbanzo salad with cumin vinaigrette

Wondering where I’ve been?

  Well, I got myself into a pickle. I was in a car accident but I'm recovering well.  I will be back very soon with more recipes and interviews. In the meantime, I would love for you to send me one of your favorite Latin recipes, and if I select it for the show, I … Continue reading Wondering where I’ve been?

caldo tlalpeño-mexican chipotle chicken & garbanzo soup

Let's make the original -if you can call it that-Caldo Tlalpeño. This soup is basically a Mexican chickpea (garbanzo) and chicken soup with carrots in a tomato, garlic, and onion broth seasoned with epazote and chipotle peppers. This soup is full of flavor and it's a meal on to itself and it is perfect for … Continue reading caldo tlalpeño-mexican chipotle chicken & garbanzo soup

baked chicken in grapefruit marinade

Baked Chicken in Grapefruit Marinade is super easy to make! Even though is very simple to put together, light on ingredients, and it is packed with flavor. I use no oil in this marinade. If your watching your weight or trying to eat healthy without sacrificing flavor, this chicken is a great accomplishment to any sensible meal.

baked turkey & pork sausage meatballs

I love making meatball sandwiches or putting meatball in my pasta at home. Beef meatballs can be a little heavy so for decades now I have been making Turkey meatballs instead. These Turkey meatballs come out so moist and flavorful that you won’t even miss the beef version. By using turkey meat coupled with the … Continue reading baked turkey & pork sausage meatballs